Permitting & Project Management

Permitting & Project Management Case Study - The Home Depot

Client: Home Depot, Inc.

Location: Bonita Springs, FL

Following unsuccessful attempts at obtaining local governmental approvals, the Home Depot Corp. hired Stuart and Associates for acquisition feasibility, site planning and permitting for a 36.3 acre I-75 interchange property. Master planning utilized a design with nature approach, leading to the conservation of a large number of oak, palm and pine trees and 8.5 acres of native habitat.  In response to the community’s large, "Big Box Retail" building issue, Mr. Stuart coordinated the redesign of Home Depot, to feature numerous awnings and canopies, extensive use of glass, ornamental metals and textures, and multiple roof line elevation changes and parapets to help secure zoning approval. The project obtained approval for 240,000 SF of commercial retail and a 125 room interstate hotel.  Since completed, it has become one of the most successful Home Depot stores in Florida.

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